The Dolce Real Estate Group of Century 21 Bamber in Calgary, Alberta & Acuity Advantage have partnered! A partnership between realtors and home watch from Acuity Advantage, allows realtors to provide their clients with a high-caliber real estate experience. Often home sales involve vacant homes that must be monitored according to insurance policy requirements to remain insured.

This partnership was a simple decision for The Dolce Real Estate Group, a team that places a very high importance on providing a first-class client experience. They know how much your home means to you, and they took this opportunity to enhance their service and you’re experience as a homeowner. We couldn’t be more honored to work with such a remarkable and respected Real Estate team, offering their clients special partnership perks.

Common Questions

Can a realtor legally watch my vacant home if I’m away?

The simplified answer is no – they shouldn’t. You may not be covered if your Realtor is the only one watching your home and this scope of work goes beyond Realtor duties. Legalities concerning insurance coverage for your home prevent realtors from being the main individual frequenting and watching your home in your absence.

What makes Acuity Advantage the best choice for Realtors and their clients?

Realtors like Dolce Real Estate choose to partner with Acuity Advantage because we’re a professional, licensed, bonded and insured Home watch and Lifestyle Concierge service. Acuity Advantage is also the ONLY accredited Home watch company in Calgary and Edmonton.

Is it really important to have someone watch your home while you’re away on vacation or while it’s on the market vacant?

Yes! We’ve heard all the horror stories around unoccupied or vacant homes. In the past, Dolce Real Estate has had clients whose summer vacations have cost them upwards of $200,000. due to water damage in an unmonitored home.  Home insurance policies may not provide proper coverage when a vacant or unoccupied home is not under regular care and inspection from a qualified service.

How does the Realtor – Acuity Advantage partnership work?

We provide the clients of our partners with the professional, certified, and accredited home watch service that all homeowners want for their home while unoccupied or vacant.  This partnership program provides an exclusive discount on their Home Watch bookings which also allows them to access the customizable add-ons and Lifestyle Concierge services that fit their needs.

Need someone to meet a contractor at your home? We can do that.
Need someone to give your home a light cleaning after an open house? We’re on it.
How about some fresh groceries for your return from vacation? We’ll stock it up.

Now their clients can get peace of mind while their home is unoccupied, whether that be while they are on vacation or while Dolce is selling their home. It’s a win-win for both the realtor and their clients.

* If you are a business interested in partnering with Acuity Advantage send us an email. or simply give us a call @ 403-860-9921