Acuity Advantage was created for individuals who need a well-deserved break from the stress and pressure of everyday living. That is why we have created a comprehensive offering of lifestyle solutions: with a focus on Home Watch, Lifestyle Concierge and Handyman services.

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Sandi Bredy is the driving force behind Acuity Advantage, a premier Canadian home watch and lifestyle concierge company dedicated to providing impeccable service and personalized care for homeowners in both Calgary, Alberta and Whitehorse, Yukon.

With over 30 years of invaluable experience in the oil and gas industry Sandi’s career journey has been defined by her remarkable ability to provide essential support to C suite professionals and their management teams.  Sandi has transformed her passion for fostering exceptional relationships into a thriving business that caters to the unique needs of our clients.

Through Acuity Advantage Sandi is redefining the standards of home watch and client service, leaving a lasting impression while ensuring the well-being of properties and the peace of mind of homeowners.

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Kevin Bredy
Home Watch Professional – Inner City | Calgary North | Rocky View County

Kevin provides Acuity Advantage home watch services in Calgary inner-city, North Calgary and Rocky View County on a seasonal basis. He is very observant and determined to go the extra mile for our clients  to solve any problems they may face during their absence. Kevin ensures that all home watch tasks are completed accurately and timely to insure peace of mind to the home owner while they are away. Kevin brings us a strong background in sports management, and a history of working with the Calgary Stampeders and other athletes.

With his background he brings a unique blend of organizational skills, attention to detail, and a winning mindset to Acuity Advantage.

Marian Stoddart
Home Watch Professional – South Calgary

Marian is a dedicated Home Watch Professional with a unique background in healthcare. She has a meticulous eye for detail, a compassionate nature, and a strong commitment to ensuring your home remains safe and secure while you’re away.

Marian has provided Acuity Advantage home watch services in South Calgary since 2020 and is a valued member of our team. As a Home Watch Professional, Marian understands the significance of preventative measures and the importance of timely responses in critical situations. Whether you’re on an extended vacation, a business trip, or a seasonal resident, she will treat your home as if it were her own, ensuring it remains in top condition and safeguarded from potential risks.

Wayne Stoddart

Wayne Stoddart provides a Handyman service to Acuity Advantage clients when they require. Wayne has spent the past 25 years in the construction business where his skills, insight and experience have proven him a reliable problem solver. His earlier experiences were with cabinet design, construction and installation, and the past 8 years he was involved with a high rise apartment building’s restoration and refurbishing project. In this vein, he has handled everything from plumbing and electrical, to cabinets, doors and more.

Wayne is a reliable and knowledgeable construction professional ready to take on any of your home repairs/projects.

Lawrence Bredy
Home Watch Professional – Yukon Territories

Leveraging his extensive experience in building construction, insurance, and property restoration Lawrence offers unique and comprehensive insights into the security, safety and operation of your home.

Lawrence gained intimate knowledge and understanding relating to the construction and structural integrity of a home while working in the building construction business from 1996-2006. He followed this up with 8 years as an insurance claims adjuster where he saw the many ways in which a house can fail and the magnitude of those failures. Most recently he spent the past 10 years as a property restoration professional, dealing with and restoring the multitude of property damages that can occur to a home.

Lawrence’s work experiences are well suited to the home watch business and he provides much needed peace of mind to clients when they are away from their home.


This personal support extends to the home and family, through Home Watch and Lifestyle Assistance services. Their satisfaction comes from taking stress and pressure off their clients… leaving them to focus on what do what they do best. ( Learn what Acuity Advantage clients have to say! )


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