Who would benefit from Acuity Advantage Executive Home Watch and Lifestyle Assistance Services? 

While our clients live in Calgary or Rocky View County, many love to travel to vacation homes in BC, the USA or other world-wide destinations. With Acuity Advantage they can relax knowing that their home is being maintained to the highest standard. While away, the requirements of your insurance policy are met with scheduled and documented home watch inspections.  Additionally, our Lifestyle Assistance Services can ensure your home is tidy after your departure, and also prepared to your specifications when you return.


What are the advantages to having a Home Watch Service? 

Many things can happen to your home in your absence: break-ins, water leaks, electrical issues, a sudden southern Alberta storm, to name just a few. Even if you have trusted neighbors or relatives nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf is a much more effective option.  A Home Watch service provides you with peace of mind whenever you are away from your home. Acuity Advantage will visually inspect all areas of your home in search of problems or issues. If a situation does arise, we will notify you immediately and remediate the problem along with you.


I need a Home Watch service to meet my insurance policy’s requirements, how does this work? 

Every insurance policy is different. We schedule routine checks of your property to ensure you meet the necessary requirements.  Our GPS tracked software confirms we were at the property when the report is generated. The report is then uploaded to your client portal and stored with our check-list, relevant notes and photos.


What is home maintenance management service? 

Home maintenance management service can manage services and repairs on your behalf, retaining the value of your most important asset and reducing your distractions and obligations while here or away. Expecting a vendor but don’t have hours to wait within their window of time?  We can be there when you can’t.  Trust Acuity Advantage to assist with any essential needs related to your home.


What does Lifestyle  Assistance Services mean? 

By offering our time-saving solutions, we take care of all details that impact your lifestyle.  Imagine arriving back in town with your vehicle detailing done, a full tank of gas, waiting where you need it. Your favourite items are in the fridge, and your shopping list of personal care items has been taken care.  Whenever you depart, simply lock the door and we come in and take care of your to-do lists.


What if a situation occurs in my home? 

Our judgment ensures a quick and appropriate response. If the situation is an emergency, it will be handled in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. In a non-emergency, you will be contacted to discuss and implement a course of action.


What other Lifestyle Services can Acuity Advantage provide? 

We can do almost anything! Our services are completely customizable based on your needs, and even the needs of your pets! 

We can provide online research, quotes and recommendations for purchases of any kind. We can also work with your landscaper, interior designer, nanny or pet groomer to ensure you can take care of other needs. We will create a confidential client profile where every detail is recorded to ensure everything is tailored to your specific preferences.


We have a rental property currently listed on VRBO / AirBnB. Do you offer assistance for multiple properties? 

After you have entered into your agreement with your guest you can then turn it over to us.  We can ensure the property is ready for guests, give them a tour and then we are their contact while in the area. We are available to answer any questions about the home or the area. After your guest leaves we check the home for any damage or feedback and report back to you! These personal touches greatly assist online ratings!


I require purchases to be made on my behalf or on behalf of my business, how would this work? 

Whether personal or business, purchases made on behalf of the client must be paid for in advance. Special arrangements may be available for small purchases which we can discuss further. For regular services, such as dry cleaning and grocery shopping, it is recommended that a prepaid Visa card be set up. You will be responsible for the actual cost of any third-party suppliers retained on your behalf.  Direct billing will be established wherever possible.


We would like to throw a party, can you help? 

Business or personal, we are happy to work along-side you or coordinate work with a catering company for your special event.  We can purchase decorations and supplies, send out invitations, set up and pack up the event. 

If you are a home or business owner look no further than Acuity Advantage to help you take back your time.


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